Mansfield-Holiday-II_V1.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V2-1.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V3.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V4.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V5.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V6.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V7.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V8-1.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V9.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V10.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V11-1.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V12.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V2_Wire.jpg Mansfield-Holiday-II_V1_Wire.jpg Passes-1.jpg Substance_00-1.jpg Substance_01-1.jpg Substance_02-1.jpg Substance_03-1.jpg Substance_04-1.jpg Substance_05-1.jpg WIP-1.jpg

Mansfield Holiday II

Modelling, Texture, Shading & Render

Personal project to push my model and texture skill into the next level.

I used 3dsmax for model, Zbrush for merge some pieces, Substance Painter for textures and Marmoset 3 for final renders.

To get a great feeling in glass and plastic elements I duplicated the geometry and assing them a different material with Add Transparency.


Polys: 11.545

Triangles: 22.033

Vertex: 12.606

Texture: One 4K

Year 2016