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UE Practice

Test inspired in a Wolfenstein the New Order concept, made in Unreal Engine.

Scene Model

I made a greybox of the scene with simple geometry and a reference model of a human to get the proportions and the feeling of the scene.

For the beams structures and doors I decided make them with low geometry models with chamfers and Face Weighted Normals. I divided the beams structures in different pieces to make a specific texture for them.

The props and assets were model in Max and Zbrush. Then I baked the Normal map, AO, Curvature and Object Space with Substance Painter and Xnormal.

Textures and PBR Materials

I used the Metalness method for the PBR materials.

I usually sculpt the textures in Zbrush and then I bake the maps (Normal, AO, Curvature…) in Xnormal o Substance Painter.

I used 20 Materials (Tiles, Decals…) with some color variations, 3 textures for the assets and 2 Mask for the vertex color blend.

For this Art-Test I sculpted the next textures:

– Concrete Blocks

– Asphalt A

– Asphalt B

– Diamond Floor

– MicroConcrete

– Plaster A

– Plaster B

– Roof

– Rust

Lighting and Render

UE4 for render, shaders and blend materials with vertexcolor.